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Doug Antczak, VMD, PhD — Havemeyer Foundation Fellowship Program
Dorothy Havemeyer McConville Professor of Equine Medicine

Summer 2014 Havemeyer Fellowship Program

The Dorothy Russell Havemeyer Foundation Fellowship Program at Cornell University provides short-term educational experiences in academic equine medicine for first, second, or third year veterinary students. Fellowships are offered at the Equine Genetics Center of the Baker Institute. The purpose of the Fellowships is to enable students with an interest in research careers to participate actively in current projects in equine medicine. Inquiries can be directed to Ms.Karen Edgar, email; phone: 607-256-5603.

An announcement flyer with information about the 2014 program is available at: Summer 2014 Havemeyer Fellowship Program.  The deadline for submission to the 2014 program is Wednesday, January 22, 2014.  Final selections will be made on or before February 7, 2014 and the successful candidates will be notified.

Doug Antczak

Contact Information:
Office: 607-256-5633
Lab: 607-256-5621
Fax: 607-256-5608

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