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Baker Institute |  Faculty

Moonsoo Jin, M.S., Sc.D.
Assistant Professor

Biomedical Engineering

Seoul National University, B.S., Mechanical Engineering, 1997
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, M.S., Mechanical Engineering, 1999
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Sc.D., Mechanical Engineering, 2002

In proteins, amino acid sequence dictates structure, which in turn defines functions. Most of signaling proteins exhibit dynamic equilibrium between inactive and active states; it is of great interest to design mutations that tip the balance to one state, and the process of design and production can be defined as protein engineering. Dr. Jin’s research group has developed a unique protein engineering platform utilizing structure and computer guided rational design of proteins and in vitro directed evolution system. Based on this platform, Dr. Jin's group is working on developing molecules for therapeutics and diagnostics, and is also studying mechanism of protein activation.

Cell adhesion molecules, e.g., integrin, intercellular adhesion molecules (ICAMs), selectin, mediate cell-cell and cell-matrix interaction, and are important therapeutic targets in autoimmune-related diseases and cancer. ICAM-1 is a ligand for some integrins and subverted as a receptor for human rhinovirus, which is the major causative agent of common colds. The Jin lab is particularly interested in studying these adhesion molecules.

Another area of research in the Jin lab is developing a novel high throughput platform for engineering conformation specific antibodies that will be useful in detecting conformational variation in proteins and in therapeutics. The antibodies that are specific to different activational states of cell receptors, e.g., integrin and EGFR, can be used for surface conjugation of nanoparticles for targeted delivery and diagnostics. Targeted delivery of the nanoparticles containing small drug molecules, siRNA, and fluorophore is becoming the technology of choice for potential cancer therapy, gene knock out, and for diagnostics.

Moonsoo Jin joined the Cornell faculty in 2006. His graduate research was recognized in 2003 with New Investigator Recognition Award by Orthopaedic Research Society. He completed his postdoctoral training in the CBR Institute for Biomedical Research, Harvard Medical School.

Dr. Jin's laboratory is currently located at the Baker Institute for Animal Health. Room 215. He also has an office at 267 Olin Hall.

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Moonsoo Jin

Contact Information:
Office: 607-256-5610
Lab: 607-256-5656
Fax: 607-255-9166

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