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Baker Institute |  Faculty

Susan Bliss, D.V.M., Ph.D.
Senior Research Associate

Laboratory of Immunoparasitology

Hepatobiliary disease causes significant morbidity and mortality among veterinary and human populations. One of the challenges faced by investigators is the gap in knowledge regarding innate and adaptive immune responses against hepatic insults from infection or autoimmune conditions. Injury to the liver provokes infiltration of leukocytes which may modify or amplify the damage. The overall goal of my studies is to elucidate the impact of leukocyte populations and their mediators on liver injury. Tissue injury and repair are basic components of liver disease regardless of etiology. The balance between cellular repair, regeneration, and fibrosis determines whether patients recover or develop progressive fibrotic changes that may eventually result in cirrhosis and portal hypertension. Refining the cellular and molecular mechanisms that underlie these processes is essential for developing efficacious therapeutic modalities. Research in my laboratory focuses on the basis of immunity to parasites as a model system for studying responses to liver injury.

Susan Bliss

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