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King Buck Story

King Buck successfully completed an unprecedented 63 consecutive series in the National Championship Stake and was the National Retriever Field Trial Club champion for two successive years, 1952 and 1953, in a feat not to be duplicated for nearly 40 years. His devoted owner, John M. Olin, was a foremost benefactor of the James A. Baker Institute for Animal Health and founding chairman of its Advisory Council. A charming story illustrates Olin's affection for the great labrador: At a party celebrating King Buck's first championship, the silver trophy bowl was filled with water for King Buck. After he had his fill, the trophy bowl was refilled with champagne and passed around to the revelers for a communal toast to the champion. One man balked, saying he would not drink from the bowl after the dog had drunk from it. Legend has it that Olin had the guest forcibly removed from the premises for the insult to his great dog. King Buck died on March 28, 1962, just shy of his 14th birthday.

King Buck Story

1959-1960 Federal Duck Stamp: The Maynard Reece water-color of King Buck is the only Federal Duck Stamp featuring a dog. It was also the first time a dog had ever appeared on a United States stamp. Since the sale of the first stamp in 1934, over $400 million has been raised to purchase millions of acres of wetland habitat which are set aside as part of the National Wildlife Refuge System for waterfowl and other species.